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Giant Removable Wall Stickers and Childs Wall Murals.

Welcome to Presto Chango Decor. Your source for unique self adhesive removable wall stickers that are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. We have a large selection of children's removable decals to choose from and are constantly adding new wall sticker designs each month. Most of our childrens wall stickers are hand drawn by artist Tracy Jones. Her artwork is transformed into giant wall stickers to Children's Wall Decals that are designed in themes to help you create colorful Children's Wall Murals that are sure to excite your child's imagination and make it easy for you to decorate your child's room or playroom.

  • This is a fun and exciting way to decorate your childrens room or nursery to create your own unique Kids Wall Murals in a matter of minutes with removable wall stickers.
  • This is the perfect alternative to hand painted murals for those of us who move frequently or simply like to change your childrens decor every few years without the hassle of repainting over a previous kids mural.
  • Our Removable Wall Stickers are quick and easy to apply to any smooth surface. No paint, No tools, and No wallpaper paste necessary when using our stickers. To create your very own childs wall mural, just peel and stick these wall decals to most any smooth surface: painted walls, furniture, windows, doors, mirrors, ceramic tiles, even cars.
  • These removable wall stickers are made of a Matte finish vinyl with low tack removable adhesive and can be easily removed and repositioned if you want to change them around without leaving a sticky residue or harming surfaces.
  • Our stickers are printed using high quality inks, that are resistant to fading and water.
  • Each vinyl sticker mural contains individually cut out characters, just peel and stick these wall decals in any arrangement you like to make your own unique kids wall decor.

We have Giant Removable Wall Stickers and Kids Wall Murals, designed to help you create Children's Wall Murals that have the look of a hand painted mural.

We have two sports murals, a baseball wall sticker mural and a football mural. We have Dinosaur Wall Stickers for the children who love Dinosaur Murals and dinosaur stickers. There's a Safari Mural that contains all the wild Animal Wall Stickers you need to create a Safari Mural adventure. We have a Farm Animal Mural that contains a large array of cute friendly farm animal wall stickers. We have Bug Mural Wall Stickers Set that has enough colorful insect stick ups for a bug mural that will make you feel like you just stepped into our backyard here in Florida. With our Outer Space Mural you can create the most colorful and unique outer space mural around. There is a Pirate Mural wall stickers that can be used to turn an entire room into a giant pirate mural treasure map. With our Under the Sea Friends Decal set you can create the most unique Underwater Tropical Wall Mural around. Presto Chango Decor also has Giant Letter Wall Stickers in over 15 different designs.

These removable wall stickers and childs wall murals are our own original hand drawn art converted into wall stick ups. You can literally change the look of your childs wall decor in a baby nursery, bedroom, playroom, daycare, classroom, or doctor's office in minutes. We also have smaller sticker sets that are accent wall murals that you can create Baby Nursery Wall Decals Mural , playroom murals,or even the bathroom mural. You can apply the Butterfly Wall Stickers to poster board and cut out creating three dimensional wall appliques that can be used on curtain valances, or a headboard. Be creative, you can change the dressers, lamp shades, doors, windows, or bathroom tiles. You can apply our daisy flower wall stickers to poster board and cut around each of the flower decals to create daisy flower appliques, a daisy flower mural that stands out, or curtain valance, that will add a different dimension to your childrens decor. Now you can create that fantasy children's room you have always dreamt of. Having the flexibility to place these wall stickers in any arrangement, allows you to add your own personal flare to your childs wall decor. There is no right or wrong way to use our removable wall stickers. You simply peel, position and press the vinyl decals to any smooth surface. "Ta Dah" like magic you can create new wall murals in minutes using our removable wall stickers.

Each month we add new childrens wall stickers and childs wall murals to our growing selection. So if you don't see the Wall Decals For Children you like today, make sure you visit us again in the future to see our latest Wall Decal designs. We also welcome any suggestions or ideas for future Kids Wall Stickers or themed Wall Murals. Just send us an email.

Please note the following terms are interchangable when describing our products. Wall Stickers, Wall Decals Removable Wall Stickers, Kids Wall Stickers, Childrens Wall Stickers, Wall Stick ups, Wall Appliques, and Stick Ups

We at Presto Chango Decor.Com hope you enjoy shopping our large selection of removable wall stickers and wall decals. If you don't see the sticker design you like just click on the email tab at the bottom of this page and let us know your suggestion for future designs of our wall stickers.