Tiny Town Wall Sticker Mural.

Tiny Town Sticker Wall Decals Mural
Tiny Town Sticker Wall Decals Mural
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There are over 70 tiny town peel and stick wall stickers in this set.

It comes on 4 sheets that measure 26in by 18 inches.

Each wall sticker is individually cut out so you can place them in any arrangement you like to make your very own tiny town.

This set comes with everything you see here. This set has just about every building that children would be familiar with. Toy store, a pet store, a ice cream shoppe, school, firestation, police station, and much more.

Also there are trees, automobiles, clouds and last but not least tiny town people.

For example you can place the buildings side by side add the people and trees etc. and create a border.

The largest building (The tree story apartment) measure about 14in tall by 10in tall.

The tiny town people measure about 5in tall.

Check out our Picture Gallery to get a better idea of the size of this set.