Teen Room Themes

We've put together a collection of wall stickers for Teens Room Decorating Ideas to help in decorating Teen Rooms. As we all know children in their teens definately get picky about there teen bedroom themes, so we put our teen room designs in different color combinations that hopefully will be just the right touch to complete there teen room decor. If you have any Teen Room Ideas for teen room themes please let us know. We always open for Teens Room Decorating Ideas and would be happy to hear from you.

Just so you know, the actual size of the images do not represent the size of the wall sticker sets in relation to each other.

Please click on the images below for more information on sizes and pricing of our Wall Stickers and Wall Decals.

Art Deco Wall Stickers
Random Sized Dots Blue and Expresso Brown Wall Stickers
Chocolate Brown and 2 Blues Polka Dot Wall  Stickers
Mod Squares with Circles,Blue,Brown,Tan Wall Stickers
Espresso Brown and Pink Dot Wall Stickers
Zebra Print, Expresso Brown and Pink Dot Wall Stickers
Zebra Print,Black and Purple Dot Wall Stickers
 Dots Chocolate Brown and 2 pinks Wall Stickers
Pinks, Black and White Pop Dot Wall Decals
Hot Pink and Orange Polka Dot Wall Stickers
Polka Dot Wall Decals in Blue and Lime Green
Dots in Purple,  Lime Green, & Hot Pink Wall Sticker Decals
Giant 10in  Dots Hot Pink, Black or White Wall Stickers
17in Dots Giant Wall Stickers
Cheerleader Silhouette Wall Decal Sticker Victory Stance
Cheerleader Silhouette side jump Wall Sticker Decal
Cheerleader Silhouette split Wall Sticker Decal
Cheerleader Silhouette standing Wall Sticker Decals
Girl Basketball Silhouette Wall Stickers Orange
Girls Basketball Dribble Wall Decals
Tennis girl serving Wall Sticker Decals
Tennis player sidehand Wall Sticker Decal
Girls Track Wall Sticker Decal
Girls Track and Field Wall Decal Stickers
Girls Softball at Bat Wall Sticker Decal
Girls Softball Fielding ball Wall Sticker Decal
Softball Pitcher Wall Sticker Decal
Softball Girl Winding Up Wall Sticker Decal
Softball Girl Throwing (side) Wall Sticker Decal
Softball Catcher Wall Sticker Decal
Baseball Slugger Wall Sticker Decal
Basketball Boy Shooting Wall Sticker Decal #1
Basketball Boy Shooter Wall Sticker Decal # 2
Basketball  Boy Dribble Wall Decal Stickers
Lacrosse Player Running Wall Sticker Decal
Lacrosse Player turn and shoot
Lacrosse girl running purple Wall Sticker Decal
Lacrosse girl hot pink Wall Sticker Decal
Large Pink and Black Heart Wall Decals
Large 60's Theme Wall Stickers
Groovie Too Flower Wall Stickers
Dots Two Pinks and Lime Green Wall Stickers
Polka Dots White, or Hot Pink, Green, Orange Dot Wall Stickers
Pink on Pink Leopard Print Decals
Brown Leopard Prints
Purple and Black Leopard Prints Wall Decals
Skull Decals and Crossbones (Black, White, or Hot Pink) Wall Stickers
Pink and Black Dragon Wall Decal
Orange and Red Dragon Wall Decals
Green and Orange Dragon Wall Decal
13in. Pink Squares with Floral Pattern Circle Wall Stickers
13in Pink, Cream and Brown Striped Circle Wall Stickers
13in Black and White Square Wall Stickers
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