Presto Hands Wall Decals

Presto Hands Wall Decals
Presto Hands Wall Decals
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Ok, I'm not sure how to explain this one, but here it goes.

Ever wanted to put your hands in different color paints and put them all over your walls??

My wife Tracy (the artist) always wanted to do this as a little child but Mom\Mother-in-law wouldn't let her. So she found an alternative to her childhood dream that even Mom would love (removable wall stickers).

This Presto Hand wall sticker set comes on an 20in. by 54in panel of individully cut out hands.

10 different colors each with 4 hands for a total of 40 hands.

Each hand measures a little over 4in. in diameter.

So if you need a hand decorating your children's walls, here you go. (I had to say it)

Our peel and stick removable Hands wall stickers and Decals are easy to use and will stick to just about any smooth surface. (Walls, Wood, Plastic and even Cars) You can change any Children's wall decor in minites with our hands wall Decals.