Jungle Wall Sticker theme

Jungle  Wall Sticker Decals
Jungle Wall Sticker Decals
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Turn your childs room into a jungle adventure that is sure to excite there imagination.

This Jungle theme comes on two vinyl self adhesive panels. Each 32in by 54in. wide.(Almost 3ft. by 4 1/4)

Each Character in this jungle mural is individually cut out so you can put them any arrangement you like to create the perfect jungle wall mural. Just peel and stick .

There are aproximately 18 different jungle animals (Not including the duplicates) in this wall sticker set along with a few bannana trees and extra leaves to create your jungle theme.

The Leopard on the tree limb is about 16in high by 23in. wide.

The largest Tiger is 19in. tall from head to tail and 23in. wide.

The White Tiger cub is 8in. tall by 10in wide.

The Orangatan on the rocks is 16in. tall by 15in. wide. (including the rock)

The Red Macau is about 20in long from head to tail and 5in wide.

The Gorilla with baby on back is 16 1/2in tall by 20in. wide.

The largest bannana tree is 29in tall by 19in. wide. The smaller bannana tree is about 15in tall by 10in wide.

The python snake on the log is 10in tall by 27in. wide. Including the log.

The largest tree frog (under the leopard) is 5 1/2in tall by 6in wide.

The smaller tree frog about to be lunch to the python snake is about 3in tall by 4in wide.

The Toucan at the top right is 18in tall from head to tail and about 10in. wide measuring from tip of beak to back of the head.

There are many other animals not mentioned but they are all propotionate to the ones mentioned above.

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