Fairy Wall Decals in Jewel toned colors

Fairy Wall Decals / Stickers Jewel toned
Fairy Wall Decals / Stickers Jewel toned
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There are 6 easy to use peel and stick fairy Wall Decals in this set on (two) sheets that are 26in by 18in.

There are also 94 indvidually cut out matching stars for a total of 100 stickers in this set.

The sizes from top to bottom left to right.

The largest turquoise blue Fairy wall decal in is 18in tall by 10in wide.

The purple amethyst fairy wall decal is 12in. tall by 8in wide.

The blue sapphire fairy with pink hair is 12in tall by 8in. wide.

The hot pink ruby fairy wall decal is 14in tall by 12in wide.

The green and pink emerald fairy sticker is 9in tall by 8.25 wide.

The pink and gold citron fairy wall sticker is 15in tall by 10.5in wide.

The fairy star wall stickers vary in size from 4.25in to 1.25in in diameter.