Large Farm Animal Wall Mural Sicker Set

Large Farm Animal Wall Decal Mural
Large Farm Animal Wall Decal Mural
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This is our Farm Animal Wall Mural. Each character is individually cut out, Over 35 Removable Farm Animal Wall Stickers Characters in this set plus over 40 stickers such as grass, clouds, hay, trees and sun to complete your farm animal theme.

The farm mural comes on two sheets of vinyl that measure 54in wide by 33in each.

The red barn is about 20in tall by 18in wide.

The horse is about 15in tall by 16in wide.

The largest cow is 16in tall by 23in wide.

The farmer is about 15in tall from foot to the top of his pich fork

The Blue tractor is 12in tall by 12in wide.

The Largest apple tree is about 15in tall by 10in wide.

The smaller characters are like the tom cat is about 5in tall by 6in wide.

The other characters are directly proportionate to the size to the characters listed above.

Check out our Picture Gallery to get a better idea of the size of this set.

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Our easy to use removable Farm animal wall stickers are both reusable and repositionable. Just peel and stick to just about any surface. (Walls, Wood, Plastics, and even Cars) You can change your wall decor in minutes with Presto Chango Decor's removable farm animal wall decals