Dinosaur Wall Sticker Mini's

Dinosaur Wall Stickers Mini Decals
Dinosaur Wall Stickers Mini Decals
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A total of 6 Dinosaur Wall Stickers on two panels that are about 10in by 15in.

These dinosaurs are all precut, so you just peel and stick them to most any smooth surface. From Painted walls, wood, plastic or even metals.

The largest dino is the bronosauras which measures 12in by 8in tall.

The Yellow and blue, T Rex is about 10in tall by 6in wide.

Our easy to use removable dinosaur wall stickers are both reusable and repositionable. Just peel and stick to just about any surface. (Walls, Wood, Plastics, and even Cars) You can change your wall decor in minutes with Presto Chango Decor's removable dinosaur wall decals