Artic Theme Wall Mural

Artic Pole Wall Decals Mural Theme
Artic Pole Wall Decals Mural Theme
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40 individually cut out Artic wall stickers on 2 sheets of vinyl that measure about 54in. x 30in.

2 Polar bears. The polar bear sitting measures about 14in tall by 17in wide. The polar bear just above this one measures about 13in. by 17in.

9 Adult Penguins in different colors that measure about 6 to 8in. tall by 4 to 9.

9 little chubby baby penguins in various sizes. The largest is 6in tall by 6in wide. The smallest measures about 3in tall by 3in.

1 Seal with 3 pups. The seal measures 17in. by 13in tall.

4 Iceburgs in various sizes. The largest is 28in long by 9in. the smallest measures 12in long by 4in.

5 Artic people characters doing various things, in various sizes. The average size is about 10 to 12in tall by 4 to 6in wide.

2 Artic Moose (if there is such a thing) The largest Moose in the middle that is has that deer in the headlights look measures about 19in tall by 17in wide from horn to horn. The other measures 18in. by 17in.

1 Igloo measures about 11in tall by 17in. wide.

1 Sled dogs that measure 11in tall by 12in wide.

1 Sled with baby inside measures aprox. 17in wide by 9in tall

5 holes or water holes in the ice in various sizes. Largest measures about 12in wide by 4 1/2 in.

Check out our Picture Gallery to see a mock up version that will give one of many designs you can do with the artic theme wall sticker set.